Our story


Thursdays, founded by Martha Dijkstra and Wendy ten Cate in 2019.

A nice friendship developed between us during our studies at TMO Fashion Business School. We soon found out that we not only share a passion for fashion but also our Frisian roots. Every Thursday evening we ate together and fantasized about our future. A big dream came true: a fashion label with its own story.


After our college days, we continued to spend the Thursday evenings together and the shared dream also continued to develop. After a year of working and saving, we decided to make our dream a reality. At the beginning of 2019 we launched the first Thursdays collection.


Now, a year later, our brand has developed its own story. We are proud to present to you our fully sustainable and transparent autumn / winter 20-21 collection. The collection is made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, each garment has a completely transparent price tag. This means that we provide both the retailer and the consumer with insight into the exact structure of the prices.


In October 2019, we traveled to China to select a factory that meets all of our corporate social responsibility requirements. Think of fair wages, good working conditions and hygiene. We have been introduced to all of the staff that will be involved in producing our collection. In addition to good working conditions, we also want to give them the opportunity to realize dreams.

Every season, we will help one of the production employees by donating one euro per item sold to him or her.


We hope with our story on the one hand to contribute to the improvement of the fashion industry and on the other to inspire people to never stop dreaming.

Thursdays, Dream big!